Life & Wellness Coaching & Workshops

Feeling frustrated, stressed, disappointed too much of the time?


Can't find joy?


Are you disorganized or having difficulty completing important tasks?


Experiencing low motivation to work for goals that are meaningful?


Struggling to live a healthier life? Short tempered and dissatisfied in your relationship?


Maybe you just want to feel happier and more satisfied in life.


Find out how our coaching and experiential workshops can help you live a stronger, more satisfying life.

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At Coaching NH, our mission is to help you live your strongest life!

Our coaching practices evolve from the following beliefs:

  • We are capable of changing ourselves & our lives.

  • Change happens when we know who we are, who we want to be, & the life we want to LIVE.

  • We are each a unique work in progress, and we construct our future lives by how we live today.

  • Life coaching teaches essential practices for STRONG LIVING & motivates individuals to TRANSFORM their lives!



Coaching NH offers a free virtual consultation so you can learn about how coaching can transform your life! To schedule a free consultation, click the link below:

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For more information, email us at:


Life Coaching Consultation... $100 per consultation

Pre-Pay Package... $480 for 6 Life Coaching Consultations

Comprehensive Life & Wellness Coaching Program... We collaborate with you to design a plan that achieves meaningful life goals: 6 months of coaching - $1820. Give yourself the gift of living a stronger life; start today!

We provide discounts to Veterans, First Responders, individuals and families affected by violence, and based on income.



In these times, there is much stress and many obstacles to overcome if we are to live peaceful and productive lives.  Staying on a journey of healthy living, in spite of the obstacles on the road of life, can be challenging!  If you are seeking inspiration, connection, guidance and support to live your strongest life, join us for I*Thrive!

I*Thrive! is an 8 workshop series with 2 individual coaching sessions.  You can participate virtually or in person & still experience the transformative power of this group!

Workshops focus on essential practices for strong living:

  • Managing Stress

  • Healthy Eating

  • Feeling Gratitude

  • Finding Joy in the Day

  • Time with Nature

  • Living your Talents & Interests

  • Physical Fitness

  • Friendships & Relationships

  • Adventures!

  • Planning & Organizing for successful work & living



8 Workshops (90 minutes)  plus 2 individual coaching consultations… $620

  • Fees are paid in two payments of $310 each

  • Early payment at the time of registration reduces the fee to $550.

Coaching NH offers reduced fees for those interested in participating who have a family income of less than $80,000, are Veterans or First Responders, or those who have been affected by violence.

Email for information about reduced rates.



Find out about our fall, winter, and spring workshop options!