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This is a 6 workshop series for those whose lives
have been affected by trauma.  

We begin the program with several individual
coaching consultations that give us the opportunity
to get to know each other and understand the unique
effects trauma has had on your life. 

Together we will develop a plan for each participant
to learn the skills and practice the brain training
necessary to recover from the experience of trauma. 

We use the energy of the small group to heal and develop your life so you can thrive in spite of trauma.

Workshop & Coaching Themes

Thriving After Trauma
  • Understanding how traumatic events                            affect our brains, bodies, and emotions.

  • Training our brains to live in the here and now...   throwing the traumatic events into the past.

  • All the essentials of living a strong life.

If you have traumatic experiences, whether recent, decades ago or at anytime in life, this program can support you in designing this phase of your life and
recovering from the effects of trauma.

We hope you will consider joining us on this path to a peaceful life.

Thriving After Trauma Program

Thriving Workshop Program will be offered on Friday Mornings or Sunday Evenings in February, March & April.


If you are interested
in participating in this trauma recovery coaching program, email or call Denise Leville, PhD so we can provide information about the program.
(603) 545-4921

If you cannot afford these fees & are interested in participating in this workshop series, please email Denise:                                       


Thriving After Trauma Program Fees include:

  • 6 Trauma Recovery Small Group Workshops 

  • Two individual coaching consultations

  • This is typically a 10 week program


Fee for this program: $ 500


Discount fees offered to Veterans, First Responders & based on income.

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