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When parents separate & divorce, it is usually sad & distressing for their children, sometimes causing physical & psychological challenges.

If parents stay focused on helping their children through this important family transition, kids can thrive in spite of the family changes!

Learn effective strategies for peaceful co-parenting with
co-parent coaching & The Co - Parenting Workshop!

Co-Parent Coaching & Workshops

The Co - Parenting Workshop

An 8 Workshop Program for Co-Parenting Partners ... teaching the essential practices of effective co-parenting.

What is The Co-Parenting Workshop ?

  • An 8 workshop educational & coaching program for divorcing parents 

  • This is a unique program for parents who are striving to learn effective parenting & co-parenting strategies so the whole family can positively transition through the parental divorce!  

  • This program facilitates: 

  • development of effective, peaceful co-parenting partnerships

  • learning related to children's developmental, educational and socio-emotional needs

  • restructuring of the family dynamic so kids are out of the conflict, can engage in meaningful relationships with parents & siblings, and move happily between two healthy homes!


  • The Co-Parenting Workshop is structured to provide child-focused action plans and skilled coaching, giving parents the support and guidance needed to positively transform family environments. 

Co-parenting Partners
  Family Law Attorneys  
Guardians ad litem 

Call or email Denise Leville, PhD to learn more about this unique program that supports & coaches families transitioning through divorce.



Fees for The Co - Parenting Workshop:   $ 800 per parent 

Fees need to be paid before the start of the program. 
Coaching NH, LLC provides fee discounts to Veterans, First Responders, and based on income.

The Co - Parenting Workshop:
Saturdays from 10:00am to Noon
 May 13 & 20; June 10 & 17; July 8, 15, 22, & 29


Coaching NH offers The Co - Parenting Workshop
as an opportunity for divorcing parents to effectively and positively transition their family through the divorce. 

Call  or email Denise Leville, PhD  to learn more about this program.

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