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Coaching NH, LLC was started by Jen Adams and Denise Leville to offer new pathways
for individuals & families in New Hampshire to live more peaceful, productive & joyful lives!

We offer group workshops & individual coaching that teach essential practices 
for STRONG LIVING & motivate individuals to live as their BEST SELVES!

Some examples of Coaching NH workshops
for organizations:

~  Health & Wellness   ~   Stress & Anxiety Reduction  ~   Movement & Fitness ~

~  Designing & Living a Most Meaningful Life ~ 

~  Effective Communications & Collaborations in the Workplace  ~ 

~  Planning & Organizing for Optimal Living & Working  ~


We would like to introduce ourselves & Coaching NH, LLC...

For individuals & families, we offer collaborative, smart, energetic & compassionate life coaching that will support you in the life transformations that you need & desire:

~  Parent Coaching  ~   Co -Parent Coaching  ~ 

~ Trauma Recovery  ~   Stress & Anxiety Reduction  ~ 

~ Developing Successful Relationships  ~ 

Designing & Living a Most Meaningful Life ~

Living Your Strongest Life  ~



Coaching NH works with each individual, family, & organization energetically, collaboratively & effectively to promote meaningful & 
positive life changes!

Meet Jen & Denise ...

Jen Adams, BA
Life – Wellness – Fitness Coach

Ace Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach, University of New Hampshire

Jen started her journey as a life coach by working with individuals and community groups on physical fitness & health .  Utilizing her training in law enforcement, Jen started Fierce Spirit Fitness in the Lakes Region, offering bootcamps and physical fitness training to community groups, families and individuals. She has always been passionate about helping others lead healthier lives, & incorporates this fitness training expertise into life coaching. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Fitness Trainer, Health Coach, and Youth Exercise Specialist. She is also Autism Fitness® certified. Jen is certified by the University of New Hampshire as a Professional Life Coach, and provides individual life coaching & workshops with New Hampshire organizations.

“I experience the benefits of  healthy living everyday & know that we each have unlimited capacity to transform our lives! I know this through my own life experiences, and in my criminal justice work.  For 15 years I served as a law enforcement officer specializing in domestic and sexual violence. I have extensive experience working with individuals and families affected by trauma.  Service has always been my calling. I listen & learn about others lives, work with them to identify needed changes & find solutions to life problems, & then support the CHANGE!.  In my work life & through my personal transformative experiences, I have noticed that people often underestimate two things: their inner strength & capacity AND their ability to overcome challenges and change their lives. I can help you tap into your strengths and the unlimited potential within you. Coaching NH can help you reach your life and family goals. I have seen many individuals and families overcome unbearable circumstances in life. If you bring a positive mindset, a bit of energy & a sense of humor to the coaching experience, together we can make desired changes in your SELF & LIFE!"

I believe we are all meant to live an abundant, healthy life. You have the power to THRIVE!

Jen loves spending time with family  in the mountains and at the beach.

Coaching NH provides coaching & workshops in the community, at your business, or our offices!

Denise Leville, PhD
University of Connecticut
Life – Family – Parenting Coach

“I have always been interested in and excited about the power of mind and spirit to learn, adapt and transform life circumstances to positive, productive and peaceful living!  My first employment after college was in the television industry as a Human Resources Manager for Showtime & then NBC, a role that provided unlimited opportunities to learn about the inner workings of organizations, essential elements to successful work & management, & the necessity of managing stress in our daily life.  These interests drew me to graduate school where I trained as a clinical psychologist and for over two decades provided psychological services in community mental health centers & private practice.   Specializing in treating trauma, anxiety, & troubled family relationships, & working with hundreds of families affected by trauma, anxiety, family dysfunction & divorce, I have had the privilege of joining with individuals and families as they learned to live stronger lives or

showed the courage to create a life destroyed by trauma! Each individual can set personal and life goals, and can effectively work to achieve those goals.  As a life and family coach, I collaborate with my clients to identify what is most important in life, and then create a plan to include all that is meaningful in daily living.  In my work with others, I have been witness to individuals and families living strong, compassionate and productive lives even through and after unbearable circumstances.”

We each have unique strengths, interests, essential qualities.

We can harness these, develop them and transform our lives!

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