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Father and Daughter

Transform your life, family environment, or work setting with our expert coaching and workshop programs for individuals and groups ...

At Coaching NH, our mission is simple:

          ... through life & wellness coaching & experiential workshops, we engage individuals,  families &
                 organizational groups in living healthier, more meaningful, peaceful, &  
joyful lives. 

         ... we collaborate with organizations that strive to support employee wellness, professional   
                development, & work satisfaction, & those that serve others facing significant life challenges
                that can benefit from our transformative coaching & workshops.

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Coaching NH offers workshops & life coaching for individuals, families, & organizations:
~ Self Development ~ 
Health & Wellness 

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Trauma Recovery

~Professional Development for Organizations ~


Our workshops and individual coaching are designed for you, your family, and your organization.

Our mission is to help you live your strongest Life!

 At Coaching NH, we believe:

  • We are capable of changing ourselves & our lives.

  • Change happens when we know who we are,                              who we want to be,                                                                                 & the life we want to live.

  • We are each a unique work in progress.

  • We construct our future lives by how we live today.

  • Life coaching teaches essential practices                                     for strong living & motivates individuals                                          to transform their lives!

Image by Deniz Altindas
Sat on the Rocks

Life & Wellness Coaching

Individual coaching that helps you live your strongest life and be your best self!


Join us for this innovative
Life & Wellness Coaching Program ...
Transform your life!

groupfitness copy.jpg

Group & Personal
Fitness Training

Offering individual and family fitness & wellness classes & coaching!

 Our coaching begins wherever you are ... promoting improved health & fitness for you & your family!

~ Parent Coaching ~

For all kinds of families
... with all kinds of kids!


Strategic Parenting
for Anxious & Reactive Kids

SPARK! is a 4 workshop program that  teaches  practical strategies for parents with anxious kids.

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The Co-Parenting Workshop

An 8 workshop series that focuses on the essential practices & strategies for
effective co-parenting. 

Join this workshop ...  

be your best co-parenting parent!


Co-Parent Coaching

Divorce is a challenging for families.
   Don't struggle alone.  
Find out about child-focused, practical
co-parent coaching 
that will teach the
essentials of effective co-parenting

Ocean Rocks

Thriving After Trauma

Bad things happen & it is challenging to live with the sadness, pain, fear & anxiety.


This four workshop series helps those  affected by trauma to thrive.

Join us ... transform your life.

Group Discussion

Life & Wellness Coaching
Professional Development
for Your Organization


~ Health & Wellness ~
Stress Reduction
Communication & Collaboration
Planning & Organizing

Coaching NH offers 
Professional Development Workshops designed for your organization!

Stretch Coach

Using a holistic approach in coaching, our experts take your entire mind and body into account to help you look, feel, & be your most confident self!

Contact Us

We welcome you to schedule a free informational phone call or virtual meeting so we can share our programs with you!

We offer discounts to Veterans and First Responders, individuals and families affected by violence, and based on family income.

Workshops and coaching offered at several locations & virtually.

Per COVID-19, we offer in-person and virtual consultations. Please state your preference below:

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At Coaching NH, our expert coaching and workshops help you learn and develop essential practices for living and working peacefully, productively, and joyfully.

Essential living practices:​

  • Stress management

  • Healthy living habits

  • Goal planning & achievement

  • Problem solving and productivity

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • Positive communication and effective collaboration

  • Living in positive relationships

  • Living your unique talents and interests

  • Finding joy in the day-to-day

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